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Tom Quan

Master Cinematic Bundle (Video LUTs and Image Presets)

Master Cinematic Bundle (Video LUTs and Image Presets)

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For the versatile creator who loves video and photo work.

With this bundle, you'll receive a total of 20 assets to help you achieve amazing tones and a timeless, cinematic look and feel in all your video and photography work.

What's included?

  • 10 Vision Cinetone video LUTs compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and other editors that support .CUBE files
  • 10 Cinematic image editing presets for Lightroom Mobile/Desktop, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop
  • PDF Guide and video tutorial outlining installation and application
  • Description and visual example of each LUT and Image Preset
  • Free support 
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Vision Cinetone Examples

You should not expect LUTs to be a one-click solution. Although there may be times (depending on the footage) when applying the LUT is "enough", on other occasions you may still need to adjust the intensity and further refine to achieve a desired look.

Cinematic Presets Examples

You should not expect presets to be a one-click solution. Although there may be times (depending on the image) when applying the preset is "enough", on other occasions you'll still need to make additional edits to get your images to a great looking place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LUT?

It will essentially automatically apply pre-determined actions to alter the color of your videos in order to achieve a desired look. It works similarly to image presets or filters.

Why use a LUT?

Use LUTs to easily apply a creative and stylistic look to your videos. It can help speed up your color grading workflow and inject a consistent style across your video work.

Can I apply these LUTs directly onto Log footage?

You can but it won't look great as they're not designed for Log/Flat footage. You'll need to firstly convert your footage to a Rec.709 gamut by using a separate conversion LUT. Conversion LUTs can be downloaded for free from your camera manufacturer's website. Once done, you can then apply the Cinematic LUTs.

This process is straightforward and is demonstrated in my video tutorial that's provided with the pack.

Will the LUTs work on mobile?

They will work on mobile video editing apps that support .CUBE files such as VN Editor. For CapCut, the LUTs will need to be installed on your desktop.

What is an image preset

An image preset is typically an .xmp file which stores photo edits or adjustments into one group. When saved and applied, it allows the exact same edits to be applied to other images.

Why use a preset?

Presets save you time as you can edit a single image or a large quantity of images much quicker. At the same time, it makes your work look more consistent and will help make it more recognisable to others. Presets can also help you develop your own style by using them as a base before making further adjustments until it aligns with your taste.

How do I use these assets?

A simple, written guide with instructions and access to a video tutorial (for LUTs) will be provided after purchase.

What if I need assistance?

Installing/applying LUTs and Presets is very simple and straightforward. However, if you do find yourself hitting any roadblocks or are having issues please get in touch via the contact section on this site. I will do my best to respond and provide assistance so long as the enquiry is of a reasonable and relevant nature.